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EBM Aspirator

The EBM Manufacturing Aspirator is a single-pass, closed-circuit aspirator that utilizes air to remove fines, dust, and lightweight material from good product. It can be used after the screening process in conjunction with the Gentle Roll™ screener or as a stand-alone aspirator.

When foreign material cannot be removed because its size and shape are similar to that being screened, then using air to separate it by density is an alternate solution.

The EBM Manufacturing Aspirator allows air to pass through the product flow at a rate calculated to remove lightweight material — which includes, but is not limited to dust, chaff, and hulls.
The airflow can be adjusted to accommodate products with different characteristics, such as density, size, and shape. Adjustments can be made within the aspirator after the airflow has been set.

As the air and product meet in the air pick-up zone, the air liftings are separated and pulled into the vortex, exiting to a bag filter or cyclone. The good product is left to discharge out of the hopper.

The aspirator can be incorporated into new or existing air systems. Contact EBM Manufacturing for more information on air requirements and available models.

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